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Welcome to XCALIBUR Engineering Calculations—the best site for engineering calculations utilizing MathCad ( As an engineer, you know there are many software packages to choose from for a variety of tasks. These range from general analysis and design programs such as STAAD to company specific spreadsheets and programs. XCALIBUR fills the niche for design elements often missing from more general packages. Here, you’ll find MathCad files for beams, columns, and other elements along with a repository for various connections not available elsewhere.

With MathCad’s powerful word processor interface, calculations look just as they appear in design codes and standards. This is an undervalued aspect of the MathCad system because users can easily modify calculations in accordance with various engineering requirements and specifications unique to individual clients. This flexibility cannot be found with off-the-shelf programs and the hidden nature of spreadsheets makes it more difficult and error prone.

Of course you could simply create the MathCad files from scratch, but with today’s engineering rates and tight schedules you’ll be putting money in your pocket by downloading MathCad calculations from XCALIBUR instead. Even more impressive, you can use these as they are or as a starting point to reduce development time for calculations tailored to your needs.

Meanwhile, we hope you find this site valuable as you discover the power of XCALIBUR calculations. This repository will undoubtedly continue to grow, so be sure to check with us often regarding new calcs and tools. Please contact us with questions, comments and suggestions for new files directly at

How it works…

  1. If you do not already have Mathcad installed on your computer, discover the power of this incredible tool by purchasing Mathcad from PTC at
  2. Sign up for a subscription to the Xcalibur Reader by downloading the install program for a low annual fee.
  3. Run the install program and e-mail the site code generated by the program to Include your name and company in the e-mail.
  4. You will be e-mailed a site key that can be pasted back into the install program to authorize your computer to run the Protected Mathcad files.
  5. Download any Mathcad document from the Xcalibur site. Use these documents just as you would any Mathcad file. You may save files using different file names and make changes to the files as required for your particular application.
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